Never Give Up!

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The following story illustrates probably the most important truth of MLM ever. You can Never give up if you want to succeed. Here is a non-mlm story to show you how important this is and how it applies to real life as well as MLM Software user's life!

Here is your story.

Ever since I was a little boy, I've known in my heart that I
wanted to be a professional trumpet player. Pretty much everyone

discouraged the idea because "the music business is tough to break into" I
was told.

Even after receiving a full-ride scholarship to UT, Austin to study with

Raymond Crissara, I was told "you won't last". After my second semester at
UT, I received a letter from the University stating that my "full-ride"

scholarship funding had been pulled by the Texas help
keep instate kids instate, and undergrad out of staters paying some or full

tuition. Being young, and hearing all my life that music was a bad choice,
I too believed that music was too hard to break in to. So - I set out into

the world, and found a steady "day job". Finding myself locked into a
career with a LD telephone provider and NOT playing at all, I was miserable!

I gave up my "BIG" dream to become just another worker bee in a huge hive we
call society. 2 years of this "worker bee syndrome" went by before I even

looked at my trumpet again. Feeling lost, miserable, and out of sorts, I
began to incorporate practice into my daily routine again.

About a year later, I was auditioned to join a band just starting out that

would play R&B, Funk, and Soul.........called Memphis Train. I was hired!

9 years later, this band would become the mainstay of my income, and help me
realize my life long dream! I AM a full time professional trumpet player

and private instructor! How? I was given an article about a man in Grand Prairie,
TX by the name of Clint "Pops" McLaughlin. He was a private teacher able to

help trumpet players fix "high note" problems. My first session with Pops
was a 4 hour long butt kicker! But come to find out, the biggest hurdle I

had to overcome, was my state of mind. I believed that I was no good, and
that I couldn't do what I really wanted to do...........but refused to give

up. Since changing my outlook, I have more than exceeded my playing goals,
and have set new standards for myself!


1. NEVER give up - failure comes when you stop trying!
2. Be nice, but not a pushover - no one likes to work with an ego-maniac or

a whiny child!
3. Think Positive - reach for solutions, don't dwell on problems!

4. Humor & Laughter = a smile. I have fixed more problems with a smile than
I could shake a stick at!

5. Eat your vegetables!!!!

Keith Fiala
Professional Musician

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